Thank God It’s Monday

Just a short post today. The weekend was SO busy I am actually happy it is Monday. That’s the way things go in early retirement – the weekends can be so packed with entertainment that Monday is the first time in 3 days that you can catch your breath!

This weekend was busy because it was our son’s birthday on Friday and we were also invited by some friends to join them on a two-night camping trip. We somehow managed to squeeze both into the same three days by splitting up our time on Friday and Sunday. We quickly shuffled from birthday cake to campfires and back again!

Even though you might think that everyday is like a weekend day in early retirement, the truth is that the weekends are often like this and as busy as ever. Weekends are the time when everyone else is off work and the most fun is to be had. That encourages us to double-up on activities – knowing we can relax come Monday morning.


7 thoughts on “Thank God It’s Monday

  1. My son’s birthday (25th) was on Friday too! On this Monday, I find myself facing a busy work week ahead and I can’t wait to find myself in your shoes where I can do what I want to do all week long. Enjoy Mr. Firestation! And keep churning out some more posts. You’re one of my favorites!

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  2. Do birthdays still happen during Covid?

    Mine is coming up ,but I don’t think we will be doing anything special or having anyone over (maybe a cake). Our weekend was busy painting and rearranging my daughter’s room. School is 50% at home we need to make sure she has a great space to be productive in. Just like Jules I am facing a busy work week ahead and I can’t wait to find myself in your shoes where I can do what I want to do all week long. Enjoy your Monday!

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    1. Birthdays do happen, but they are much more low-key affairs. Our son moved home during CV19 and is doing WFH from our lower level. It was great to have him home for his birthday. A couple of his college buddies came over for a small party while we were gone camping and we had cake/family game night on Sunday.


  3. Happy birthday to your son! Enjoy all of those wonderful moments no matter how busy they may be. Life is wonderful, but it’s absolutely spectacular when shared with love ones!

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