Seeing A 20/20 End To 2020

My eyesight has never been great and has been gradually getting worse over the years.

I’ve been near-sighted and wearing glasses/contacts since junior high and increasingly relying on reading glasses. An eye infection, the cold weather where we live, and this year’s pandemic face mask steaming over my glasses have added to the nuisance.

My wife and son had similar eyesight issues and began looking into solutions this fall. My son got standard LASIK and my wife had lens replacement surgery with a multifocal lens that has corrected her vision far away, mid-field, and close-up. For me – fumbling with my contacts & glasses everyday – it is like living with two superheroes with superpower vision.

Now it’s my turn. I’m starting lens replacement surgery a few days after Christmas. Like my wife, I’m getting multifocal lenses and will hopefully finish 2020 with 20/20 eyesight for the first time since I was in grade school. I’m excited for the improvement, but it’s a big decision since I feel like I rely on my eyes so much.

The cost is about 3x regular LASIK and not covered by insurance since it is purely elective. If I was older and had developed cataracts, insurance (after deductible) would have covered basic surgery, but still not the multifocal ‘upgrade’. Of course for even the basic coverage to kick in, I would likely have to wait 10-20 years for cataracts to slowly develop – all the while my eyesight gradually dims.

Since the pandemic kept us at home since February, we are just rationalizing the cost of this as an offset to our 2020 travel budget savings. Instead of going places, we’re upgrading our eyesight – something we use every minute of every day. Seems like a good trade off.

As soon as my wife and son finished with their surgeries they’ve raved about what a difference it’s made. Everything they see, from close-up to far-away, is brighter, crisper, and richer in color. The clinic claims 99% of people that have had the multifocal lens replacement surgery would recommend it to their family & friends.

Like many things, I’m not sure if this is the smartest or stupidest thing I’ve done. I’ll let you know my recommendation in a few weeks when it is all complete.

Anyone else shopping for better eyesight this year or already invested in it? (Please leave me ignorantly bliss while I wait if you had a bad experience). 🙂

Image Credit: Pixabay

11 thoughts on “Seeing A 20/20 End To 2020

  1. My parents gave me LASIKs as my college graduation gift. I can easily say it’s the best gift I’ve received. Like you said, you use your eyesight everyday. Total game changer!

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    1. Great to hear! We paid for our son’s LASIK, too. He just graduated from college in May and he got it done in October as a birthday present.


  2. Keep us posted on progress, Chief! Being more-than-a-few years older than you, my vision changes (naturally and gradually) every year. As of this year, I no longer need to wear glasses for distance and driving, but now need “cheaters” for reading. No glaucoma nor other eye problems. Doc tells me vision changes are normal and natural over time. I’ve no idea how LASIK eliminates those. But seeing better is surely a blessing.

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    1. That’s great your distance site has improved – that’s pretty remarkable! Mine is worse all around.


  3. LASIK was the best $2500 I ever spent. I had mine doen in 2000, and I’m still going strong. The absolute joy of waking up the day after the surgery and being able to read the VCR clock on the other side of the room was awesome.


  4. My eyes have been going downhill the last few years. The last time I was in the eye doctor I asked about LASIK and was told it was not an option for my football shaped eyes. After a second opinion with another eye doctor I was told again LASIK would not work for me, and the only option would be lens replacement. The doctor made it seem like I needed to have cataracts before going that route. Maybe his advice was related to cost and not having insurance pay? I would be willing to pay out of pocket to fix my eyes. Wishing you all the best with your Lens replacement and hoping you come back with a positive review of the whole experience.

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    1. I would definitely explore the lens replacement route again if I were you. I’m 54 and don’t have cataracts (yet) and the receptionist at our eye clinic was confused as to why I even wanted an evaluation. It’s a bit expensive for the trifocals (~$12K), but for me – worth it!


      1. I’m not sure what that is. I didn’t have any issues ‘qualifying’ for LASIK or Refractive Lens Exchange.


      2. It’s a different kind of laser procedure for the eyes but with the same effect – great vision. A lot of people don’t know about it. Just wanted to run it by you.

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