Fuzzy FIRE Lifestyle

I used to joke to my son that when I retired early I was going to adopt a ‘fuzzy fleece lifestyle’. I was going to wear only fuzzy, polar fleece clothes, slippers, and watch TV under a big fuzzy blanket.

I never did it, but the idea has caught the popular imagination with people started working-from-home during the CV19 pandemic. I guess I got beat to my own idea as people started laughing about wearing business wear on top and pajamas under the reach of their Zoom cameras.

Last week, I had a Board Meeting over Zoom, so I decided I needed to join the fun. I had a responsible, button-down dress shirt on-camera and fuzzy, colorful, plaid, fleece pajamas under my at-home desk. Fleece slippers completed the look.

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Even though I was ‘working’ – I felt more retired than I usually do. I was one of the few in the meeting that didn’t even hide by muting my iPad camera. I sat there looking very responsible in my (former) MegaCorp dress shirt the whole meeting.

I’m not sure my fuzzy experiment really accomplished anything, but it was fun to participate. My wife & son let me know I looked ridiculous. I immediately put on some jeans and a pullover when the meeting was done.

I guess even though I don’t work, I’m not a complete slacker!

What have become your CV19 fashions? On or off-camera?

Image Credit: (c) MrFireStation.com

4 thoughts on “Fuzzy FIRE Lifestyle

  1. So COVID hasn’t changed my clothing style because one of my pre-retirement goals was to replace every MegaCorp suit, dress shirt, and dress pants with brewery tee-shirts, shorts, and flip flops. I accomplished that goal four years ago and never looked back. COVID just made me more fashionable! 😜

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    1. Wow – you were quick on the closet change out. Sad to say, I still have a whole section of dress shirts, pants, and sport coats in my closet. I could probably get by with just a few collared shirts & pants, but I just haven’t pulled the trigger. No real reason.


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