Unique Spaces In Unique Places …

When we checked out of the condo we were staying at near Orlando last week and headed to Gulfport FL, we also made a big switch in accommodations. We left the gated & manicured 1,100 suite Hilton Tuscany Village for the causal, one-of-a-kind, Blue Hen Bungalow just off Beach Boulevard (above).

On AirBNB or VRBO we can usually find a variety of places to mix up our accommodations. I find renting unique properties – not necessarily expensive ones – adds to the enjoyment of staying somewhere else.

Here are our most memorable stops over the last few years …

– Hadcroft Cottage in Chipping Campden, England … A tiny 1800s stable lovingly converted into a Cotswolds Cottage by a nice couple …

– St Ouens des Vignes Chateau in Loire, France – A gorgeous party house originally built in the mid-1600s for Louis XIV’s Minister of Feasts …

– Salzano Chalet in Untersberg-Interlaken SZ – A true Alpine Chalet at the foothills of some of the most beautiful spots in the Swiss Alps …

– Marignolle Villa – In the rolling hills overlooking Florence, Italy. A peaceful respite from the busyness of the historic city …

– The Witchery by the Castle in Edinburgh UK – An over-the-top indulgence of red velvet and luxurious ornamentation dates to 1595 …

We don’t spend all of our vacation time in unique places like this, but it is fun to mix things up. What are some of the most unique places that you have stayed at while on holiday?

Image Credits: (c) MrFireStation.com

4 thoughts on “Unique Spaces In Unique Places …

  1. Agree! We always try to find unique stays if within our budget. Just adds to the experience. We have stayed in Overwater Bungalows in Tahiti, a 5 room Penthouse in Cabo (though due to an issue with our first room), hotels overlooking a Volcano in Costa Rica, and more recently tried a Tiny Home and a travel trailer. What is life for, if not to have fun!

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    1. Those sound interesting. How did you like the tiny home & travel trailer? I like the idea of something like that, but not sure I would really enjoy it in reality!


      1. The tiny home was really well done, but it was tiny. Definitely a 2 night max experience. The property was nice with a good outdoor deck and hot tub, so was overall solid.

        The travel trailer was a stopover and looked nicer in the pictures. I’d do it again, but at the right property and with better reviews.

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      2. If it has a nice hot tub, it has to be good! We just finished four weeks in Florida at a place with a small pool that was as warm as a hot tub. It was fantastic!


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