How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

How much does it cost to add a pet to the family? Like most things, the answer is “it depends”. We looked at dogs that would be close to free and ones that cost more than $3K before inviting Riley into our house. Then there is the cost of vet visits, supplies, dog food, and grooming.

I found this helpful survey online that surveyed 1,300 pet owners on their experience when I made up a rough budget for our pupper …

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We’re just 3 weeks into this adventure (he’s sleeping good through the night now) and I would say we are about in the middle/high-side of most of the costs listed. We spent a bit more on most things, but haven’t broken the bank on any one thing in particular.

We still haven’t made a decision on pet medical insurance, which is pretty expensive – about $500/year. Apparently, most pet owners (85%) get insurance in Europe, while a minority (15%) do in the USA. I know that veterinary costs can get expensive if something catastrophic happens, so maybe we’ll get a high-deductible plan.

Another big cost will be boarding. If we go on vacation, we are seeing that dog kennels in our area charge about $60/day. That’s $840 added onto the price of a 2-week vacation. I think there will be trips we take the little guy with us and trips when we leave him home. Friends have already offered to help dogsit for shorter getaways.

Of course, bringing home a pet isn’t really a financial decision. While this puppy is a lot of work, we are truly enjoying his addition to our household. He has learned so much already and has a very sweet disposition.

How Much Do You Spend On Your Pets?

Image Credit: (c), “Riley”

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