Checking The Boxes Of Early Retirement

My son got me this nifty LEGO Architecture model for my birthday this past week. We’ve visited London several times as a family and he knows I love to build LEGO. We’ve built lots of sets together.

He didn’t know that I had actually gotten a shelf at IKEA to start building something like this almost 5 years ago. I had the idea to build & display a LEGO skyline / “City of Dreams” with small models of landmarks we have visited around the world.

It was on my original ‘Life Wheel’ list of how I was going to stay busy in retirement, but I had never gotten around to it. I brainstormed over 57 things on my FIRE list of things to do before I left MegaCorp …

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As I look at the list of adventures & activities now, I’m amazed at how much I have done in 5 years. I’ve probably checked the box on about 30 of my original 57 ideas. That’s more than half the list. Most recently, we checked off a big one … “Get a dog / little buddy”.

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Of course there are some things on the list that I know now will probably never happen. I doubt I will ever write a book or learn to play the electric guitar. Still, there are dozens of other meaningful things I have done in early retirement that I didn’t expect at the outset (like survive a global pandemic)!

Importantly, I think I lived up to my goal of doing “as much as I can, but as little as I want”. It’s great to be in control of your destiny – both what you do and how much you choose to do it. It’s been a busy 5 years and I’m excited to start my next 5 with this clever little model of London!

How close to your original plans have you stayed in retirement?

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5 thoughts on “Checking The Boxes Of Early Retirement

  1. Well, Chief, I’m not really FIRE, I’m just retired as person more “senior” in age. (In fact, society considers me now “elderly” – and many days my body reminds me its true. ) We’ve done most of our travel goals this decade. But last year, pandemic forced me to cancel a big one, African Safari. This year is out, too. And probably next year. So, I make new goals, closer and drivable. Recently, I started to learn how to play piano. Also a new goal. So don’t give up your electric guitar dreams!

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    1. A buddy of mine let me know that since I turned 55, I am now eligible for the Senior Menu at Denny’s. He’s turning 55 next month too, so we’ll be there for our Senior Grand Slam before long!

      An African Safari sounds awesome. Truly a bucket list trip, I’m sure. Our Zoo has had occasional Safari trips but they are very spendy. Still, I’d like to try one someday!

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  2. I have not gone back to my Possibilities List to check, but that list had over 100 items on it and many have been done since I retired. Many of the ones that weren’t were travel related. And I’ve determined most will probably not happen…I’ve learned that hubby really does not like to travel. And anymore, it stresses me out a lot too. I was thinking recently I needed to rethink the next 5 years, with our Big Move…. which wasn’t even on the Possibilities List. I will definitely need to look and see number wise how I did!

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    1. Travel is probably the category we’ve been the most productive on,although I’m more of a travel aficionado than my wife. We’ve taken overseas trips through Japan/Tokyo, Scotland, Holy Land/Jordan, Scandinavia/Russia, and a 3-week road trip through Europe. Many additional USA/Canada/Caribbean trips too. I don’t think we’ll hit travel as hard in the next 5 years. Especially, if we follow your lead and get something in FL.

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