Checking The Boxes Of Early Retirement

My son got me this nifty LEGO Architecture model for my birthday this past week. We’ve visited London several times as a family and he knows I love to build LEGO. We’ve built lots of sets together. He didn’t know that I had actually gotten a shelf at IKEA to start building something like this almost 5 years ago. I had the idea to build … Continue reading Checking The Boxes Of Early Retirement

Crazy Bricks

Financially, when does spending on a hobby become crazy? I have a number of hobbies that come with very different price tags. We have a sports car – that’s expensive in annual depreciation, insurance, and repairs. We like to travel, but flights, hotels, and sightseeing also add up quickly. Activities? Softball costs money, curling costs money, and the tennis club costs money in the winter. … Continue reading Crazy Bricks

Kidulting Again – LEGO Moon Landing

I’ve been a responsible adult for about 35 years, but I’ve enjoyed living a second childhood since we made our FIRE Escape in 2016. The pleasure of living in this ‘Kidulthood’ has become the key discovery of our lifestyle change. A few weeks ago, I shared my latest obsession with re-living the Apollo Mission history from my grade school days. Childish, maybe – but several … Continue reading Kidulting Again – LEGO Moon Landing

Revisiting The Apollo-Era In Kidulthood

I have written before about early retirement feeling a lot like a second childhood. It’s the opportunity to have all of the advantages of being an adult, while also re-indulging in the joys of childhood. It’s ‘Kidulthood’, if you will. Today, I thought I would expand on that idea by sharing the time I am spending revisiting the most exciting historical event of my lifetime: … Continue reading Revisiting The Apollo-Era In Kidulthood