Kidulting Again – LEGO Moon Landing

I’ve been a responsible adult for about 35 years, but I’ve enjoyed living a second childhood since we made our FIRE Escape in 2016. The pleasure of living in this ‘Kidulthood’ has become the key discovery of our lifestyle change.

A few weeks ago, I shared my latest obsession with re-living the Apollo Mission history from my grade school days. Childish, maybe – but several readers asked about the LEGO Apollo sets I briefly mentioned working on. Since I just finished them up, I thought I would share them this morning.

The blue one on the right is my tribute to the classic 1976 LEGO Moon Landing set. I built it from the original instructions I found online, but had to make a few small tweaks to it. (I’m not sure why they made it out of blue bricks, but that is how it originally looked.)

On the left is this year’s #Apollo50th LEGO Lunar Lander that my wife & son got me for Father’s Day. It’s an ‘Expert’ set with over 1,100 bricks. Both sets have been fun to build while watching some of the Apollo Mission shows on TV.

The difference in the sophistication of the two sets could also be an analogy for being a Kid versus an Adult, but doing them together is a perfect celebration of Kidulthood!

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Kidulting Again – LEGO Moon Landing

  1. Feel like LEGOS have become so specialized now with the sets that you can’t build anything without buying the specialty kit. Back when I was a kid, everything was pretty interchangeable. I got LEGOS for every birthday & Christmas from age 5-13 and was so upset when my mom gave them all away after I left for college. Thousands, if not ten thousand dollars worth of LEGOS, given away.

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    1. I’ve got all of mine from when I was a kid. People do build differently now, but they are what you make them. The specialized sets have replaced model cars, planes and ships we used to paint & glue.


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