Prime Deals on Prime Days?

I have to admit that I wasn’t interested in buying anything on Amazon’s Prime Day, until I saw the highlights of the deals they have. Now there are all kinds of things that seem interesting to me for the big ‘Christmas in July’ sale.

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Even though we are on vacation, I might take a break from the California sunshine and order a few things that could be waiting for us when we get home. In particular, I’ve become addicted to outfitting our house with the Amazon Echo assistants. We have a half dozen of them now, but I keep finding new spots for them.

It’s so easy to buy things online now – through Amazon or the 250 other retailers that are copying them with a ‘Black Friday’ type sale this week. It’s a good thing I’m not a compulsive shopper. I could be sitting in my big chair at home ordering things all day long in early retirement.

The fact is, I do enjoy shopping, but I like to go to bricks & mortar stores. It’s fun to get out of the house. I had a colleague that started a home grocery delivery business 20 years ago and he was puzzled that one of the top consumer ‘barriers’ to using home delivery was ‘loss of social interaction’.

I get it – especially now that I don’t go to an office full of people all day.

In the winter, I think it’s great to go to the mall – or any store – and pick up a few things, see some new promotions, or maybe even run into someone I know. It doesn’t hurt that we live near the USA’s biggest shopping mall – which has an endlessly changing selection of stores, restaurants, and entertainment ($5 Tuesdays!).

Anyone else interested in Prime Day this week? What are you looking to get a deal on?

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