40 Little Pieces of Purpose

People thrive with purpose. When you are working or have kids at home, your purpose is often derived from those things. When you early retire or become empty nesters, you need to find new sources of purpose. Some people do non-profit work, some get involved with their church, and some work on improving their community. People spend a lot of time looking for the right … Continue reading 40 Little Pieces of Purpose

Finding (Little) Purpose in an All-Day Meeting

Conference Room

I find myself spending a fair amount of time thinking about how life will be when I don’t go to work anymore with early retirement.  As I get closer to my intended “FIRE escape” date on April 1, 2016, it is entering my thoughts more and more. It is not that I am very dissatisfied with my work.  In fact, I am blessed with an interesting job and work with interesting people.  As much as anything, early retirement is an opportunity to devote time to pursuits that I find more personal meaning in, than pursuits important to MegaCorp. 

I was in a long, offsite meeting today – what I call “bell to bell”.   Continue reading “Finding (Little) Purpose in an All-Day Meeting”