Summer Olympic Games

I am SO looking forward to watching the Summer Olympic Games over the next few weeks. I’m such an Olympic fanboy, I once told my boss I would work for free if we could explore a MegaCorp Olympic Sponsorship. He passed, and I quit. I’ve been retired 5 years now and this is only the third Olympics since my FIRE escape.

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My parents will join us tomorrow night to watch the Opening Ceremonies. We always pick a dinner menu corresponding with the host country, so tonight will be Japanese to celebrate Tokyo.

Our TV coverage will be exceptional since the games are on NBC, which is owned by our cable-provider, Comcast-Xfinity. Unlike many folks, we’ve never cut the cord and have the full digital / streaming package of Olympic channels. I love watching both the popular & obscure sports equally well.

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Since Tokyo is 14 hours away from Minnesota, I’m not sure how the time-zone differences are going to work. I’m guessing we’ll be watching more events early in the morning than we usually do. I try to block out non-NBC sports coverage (like ESPN) during the Olympics as other networks seem to want to push spoilers throughout the day.

Still, staying home during the day and watching the Olympics is one of my favorite early-retiree goof-off things to do.

How interested in watching the Olympics are you this year?

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3 thoughts on “Summer Olympic Games

  1. If only the games were not a platform to show hatred towards America. Pampered worshipped and idolized individuals acting like a bunch of brainwashed punks is not worth watching for me. The same with most professional sports.

    Their ignorance is off putting. So sad


  2. A big yawn this year. I did go to Lake Placid in 1980 and had tickets to see Heiden win his last medal and we watched figure skating practice and saw the winning routines in practice. It was great fun as that was when it was still primarily the amateur games. A few years later I met Beth Heiden at the top of Mt Washington NH after she rode to the top in the annual bicycle hill climb.

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    1. Everyone thought 1980 hockey was going to be a big yawn, too. I have a program and it doesn’t even mention the USA having a team. That’s the great thing about the Olympics. The stories / moments that are completely unexpected.


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