Tuned Up For Concerts

Our wonderful neighbors invited us to a fantastic concert on Saturday night at the enormous Minnesota Vikings stadium in Minneapolis. George Strait, Chris Stapleton, and Little Big Town played as a huge triple act in front of over 50K fans. The stadium was filled to the rafters!

It was the second big stadium concert we’ve done in that many weeks. A few weeks ago, we also went with some great friends to see Mick Jagger lead The Rolling Stones. Both concerts had big crowds and both had been delayed more than a year because of the pandemic.

I’m more familiar with the Stones than Strait, but loved hearing them both. Going to concerts now – with time on my hands in early retirement – allows me to really learn in-depth about the artists we are going go to see.

About a week before a show, I will look up the set list they are using on their tour on Spotify and start listening to all the songs. Concerts always include some new or obscure songs you don’t know real well. For popular songs, theres a website called ‘SongFacts’ gives you the story behind songs you already knew. I’ll also look for a couple videos on YouTube that track the artists’ careers. I really try to ‘tune in’ in advance.

By the time I go to the concert live, I feel more like an ‘insider’. I also usually have a handful of new songs I like that I can put on my ‘favorites’ list to listen to going forward. The newfound familiarity with different artists becomes the legacy of going to the concert – and a source of entertainment going forward. I feel like I’m getting a lot more for my money, because concerts aren’t cheap these days!

Has retirement deepened your engagement into / enjoyment of events that you go to?

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2 thoughts on “Tuned Up For Concerts

  1. We’ve went to several great concerts after retiring in 2017, but haven’t added them back since the onset of Covid. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back now, but we haven’t had any favorite artists in our area in a while. My three favorite concerts since retiring were:

    2017: Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) performed at the old Warner Theater in DC. It was a beautiful old “turn of the century” theater complete with a balcony, huge chandeliers and red velvet walls. It was a very cozy concert atmosphere only holding a couple of thousand people. It felt like Steven Tyler was talking directly to us between song sets. He showed old home movie clips and talked about his life growing up between songs. It was an incredible concert experience. Probably the coolest that I’ve ever experienced because of the setting.

    2018: Chris Stapleton performed in Roanoke, Virginia. Huge concert in the form of old school rock concerts complete with light shows, guitar solos, and huge speakers. We love Chris Stapleton, but it was over crowded, loud, and still awesome all at the same time.

    2019: We saw the Eagles and Jimmy Buffet together in Miami, FL at the Dolphins stadium. It was the first night of our month long trip to the FL Keys, and an awesome start to an awesome vacation. Vince Gill and Deacon Frey (son of Glenn Frey) sang with the Eagles. One of my favorite concerts of all time.

    Great…now I’m going to go Google upcoming concerts! Lol.

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    1. Those sound like great shows. Stapleton was amazing on Saturday night. We had just seen him a few nights earlier on the Country Music Awards. We also saw Eagles with Jimmy Buffett when they came through the Twin Cities. They played outside at the MN Twins ballpark, Target Field. It was a hot & muggy night, by I loved that show!


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