eBike Update

I’ve had my ebike for almost 2 years now and am still recommending them to friends. Mine is a ‘class one’, pedal-assist ebike – which gives you a nice boost as you go – but not an all-out throttled bike.

Unboosted bike riding had started to lose its appeal for me. I had only ridden my pedal bike a total of 65 miles in the three years previous to getting this one. Now, I’m up to 550 miles in the last 23 months.

In that way, having an ebike certainly isn’t ‘cheating’ my fitness in anyway. I’m using the bike 12.5x as much as I was unboosted. And, the ebike requires a good deal of effort despite the boost. My wife and I bike the neighborhood lakes, my buddies and I bike with my buddies for beers, and I even biked to fireworks on the 4th of July.

What has been your experience with ebikes? Tried one yet?

Image: Recent ‘Pedals & Pubs’ Route

2 thoughts on “eBike Update

  1. My family all experienced our first ebike rides over the Independence Day holiday weekend, and we had a blast. So, we ordered two eBikes when we returned home from vacation. While we wait for their arrival next week, we’ve been looking at Google maps to see how we’ll get to some of our favorite places using bike paths. It’s fun to think about how we’ll experience more scenery, saving gas, and having fun while going to the places where we’d otherwise be driving. We’ve ordered insulated bags for the back racks so we transport groceries or keep drinks etc. cold on our outings.

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    1. I was thinking about getting a bigger ‘trunk’ for my ebike too. I have a little one, which is handy, but the range of the bikes really opens you up to biking in new ways. You’ll have to pedal over when you get yours.

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