This Is A Job For Doughnuts

The roofers are working on our house today. They started yesterday, but since it’s a pretty big roof, they think it’s going to take the until 8pm on Friday to finish up.

See how big it is …?!

To say, “thanks” to the hard working crew of 7, I’ve been bribing them with cold beverages during the day and doughnuts & orange juice this morning. Maybe I’ll bring them some afternoon snacks or cookies later in the day, too.

Truth is, I feel a bit guilty coming-and-going to my usual Thursday & Friday goof-off activities while they are working hard. I’ve spent a few days roofing on friends houses and on ‘Habitat for Humanity’ projects, but nothing with the height, size, of grade of our own house.

I’m happy to flip for sweets to show them a little respect! How have you thanked the pros that have come to do big projects in your property?

Image Credit: Pixabay (Donuts)

3 thoughts on “This Is A Job For Doughnuts

  1. Yup. It has been awhile since I had a large job done but when we had an addition put on I would buy them lunch whenever I could. Two reasons, one they were a good crew, worked hard, respectful and two it kept them onsite so minimized downtime.

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    1. I’ve bought them doughnuts every morning for FOUR straight days now. It was supposed to be a ONE day project. My wife says they are just coming for the doughnuts! 😉

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