77 Pints of Beer on the Bar

I asked my AI illustrator app to picture 77 pints of beer on a bar top, but I think it went a little overboard with this image. I can relate. After a couple years of buying ‘Pub Passes’ and ‘Tap Room Passports’, I now have THREE of them to use in 2023.

Those three books entitle me to a total of 77 ‘free’ beers after paying $85 for the books. My softball buddies and I have been doing our ‘Bikes & Brews’ activities for a few years now, but we’ve never gone this ‘all-in’. Last year, we successfully completed our full 25 year Pub Pass and we were pretty proud of ourselves. My buddy Russ even got his band booked to play the year-end party for folks that finished their whole pass like we did.

This year, we’ve also bought into the rival ‘Sidewalk Dog’ book, which means even more brewery possibilities. The hook with this book is you can bring your dog to many of the tap rooms & breweries – even in the winter (inside). My neighbor and friend Jeff hooked me into this deal and now I’m looking forward to kicking back a brew with my dog Riley. (Don’t judge – It’s better than drinking alone!)

Still, I think I went a bit overboard. In order to break even on the book purchase, I need to drink about 13 beers (@ $6.50 avg/ea). At 2-3 beers a week, I’m close to June 1st before the truly free beers are flowing. My MegaCorp performance reviews always said I was extremely tenacious, but I’ll really need a strong start to ‘Bikes & Brews’.

After that, I’ll be into positive ROI the rest of the way. I’ll share the books with whoever is up for a beer to share the upside of the 64 beers after break even. Why not spread the largesse around?

What quirky challenges are you planning this summer?

Image: MidJourney Bot AI

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