401k Focus

When I was at MegaCorp, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Bob Johnson, the wildly successful founder of BET Television. Johnson was on our board of directors and I was on-hand to present an initiative at their offsite meeting. Johnson is a dynamic character and I’ve followed him through the media for the last 10+ years. He’s not afraid to jump into politics … Continue reading 401k Focus

Keeping Up With Election Proposals – Taxing 401Ks

During the Democratic National Convention two weeks ago, news slipped out that Joe Biden was developing a new tax plan that would rollback benefits for 401K plans. He even had his Economic Advisor speak to it at a panel event at the convention. Like many ‘progressive’ initiatives, this one involves reducing or eliminating 401K tax benefits from higher income households and transferring that benefit to … Continue reading Keeping Up With Election Proposals – Taxing 401Ks

Save For Retirement Before College?

One of the many ‘rules’ most financial experts advise is saving for your own retirement before saving for your kids’ post-secondary education.  The idea is like when you are on a plane – you should put on your own oxygen mask before helping your little ones with theirs.  The curiously paradoxical thing about this financial advice is that no one I have ever met seems … Continue reading Save For Retirement Before College?

Financial Failures – Taking Loans From 401k

Earlier, I wrote a few posts on financial failures on our route to financial independence and early retirement (FIRE).  The idea was to share that everything hasn’t been challenge-free on our route to a life of goofing off. Today’s story isn’t patently a financial failure, but it runs completely counter to the advice that you might typical hear as you build your retirement nest egg.  … Continue reading Financial Failures – Taking Loans From 401k