How Much Are People Betting On Cryptos?

Our FIRE friend,, hosts a Facebook group called ‘FatFIRE’. It’s a place for folks living comfortably, financially independent & retired early (or aspiring to be) can discuss different personal finance topics. It’s a remarkable group with over 18K subscribers. A few days ago, someone posted an interesting question: “What % of your assets are in cryptocurrencies?” (Excluding real estate). I’ve had a long-running interest … Continue reading How Much Are People Betting On Cryptos?

Cryptocurrency Update – Still Growing

A few months ago I wrote about cryptocurrencies – like Bitcoin – and shared my son’s experience with it. You’ll perhaps recall he turned $65 into almost $700 in the first five months of the year. That was enough for him to buy an Apple iPad as he headed back to college and bank a few hundred extra. Like many readers who think of cryptocurrency … Continue reading Cryptocurrency Update – Still Growing