How Much Are People Betting On Cryptos?

Our FIRE friend,, hosts a Facebook group called ‘FatFIRE’. It’s a place for folks living comfortably, financially independent & retired early (or aspiring to be) can discuss different personal finance topics. It’s a remarkable group with over 18K subscribers.

A few days ago, someone posted an interesting question: “What % of your assets are in cryptocurrencies?” (Excluding real estate). I’ve had a long-running interest in cryptos and have a small stake myself, but it was interesting to see how much others were ‘betting’ on the new currency.

This chart shows my tally of the 80 or so responses:

As you can see, about 50% of FatFIRE respondents have absolutely ZERO crypto holdings and another almost 20% carry less than 1%. That’s almost 2/3rds of all the respondents.

Beyond that, most people have kept their stake at 10% or below. Only 8% of folks have carried more than 10%. Three of the respondents had more than 50%, with one person as high as 80%.

Most people that carry zero or very little crypto comment that they don’t believe it is a ‘real investment’ or that since they are retired they don’t want the risk in their portfolio. Others – a minority – are big believers and shared articles to help others understand the value that they see.

I can see both sides. I do believe that cryptos have ‘real’ value, but our stake is very small. I put a little less than $1K in four years ago and have seen it balloon to almost $12K when I looked at my account on Coinbase last week.

The growth I’ve gotten – over 1200% – still makes it just a few tenths of a percent of our retirement savings. I consider it more a hobby than anything else, but it’s been fun to follow.

Any readers here put more than 1% of their retirement savings into crypto’s? How have you done?

Image Credit: Pixabay

5 thoughts on “How Much Are People Betting On Cryptos?

  1. Zero for me! But I do believe eventually a crypto (or two) will prevail. The question remains, does the winner already exist or will it be a future crypto yet to be put in play? That’s the ultimate gamble. For me it’s like picking stocks. I don’t have the time or fortitude to study companies anymore to invest individually, so I invest with indexes. Picking a crypto at this point is pure speculation for me, so I will remain at zero. (Here’s to hoping your pick will be the winner!) 😉

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    1. I think cryptos are where the auto industry was in the 1920s … hundreds of offerings, hard to know which will be the ultimate winner. My stake is 50% Bitcoin, which is the first mover. And, 50% on Etherium, which is the hottest right now.


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