How Much Are People Betting On Cryptos?

Our FIRE friend,, hosts a Facebook group called ‘FatFIRE’. It’s a place for folks living comfortably, financially independent & retired early (or aspiring to be) can discuss different personal finance topics. It’s a remarkable group with over 18K subscribers. A few days ago, someone posted an interesting question: “What % of your assets are in cryptocurrencies?” (Excluding real estate). I’ve had a long-running interest … Continue reading How Much Are People Betting On Cryptos?

Bitcoin’s Coming Of Age?

It has been an interesting year for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin just topped its all-time high this week at almost $20,000 – up 1.6x from last year at this time. The private, all-digital currency still has its skeptics, but it is getting broader acceptance among financial services companies and institutional investors. The pandemic may be remembered as Bitcoin’s coming of age. I wondered back in April if … Continue reading Bitcoin’s Coming Of Age?

Bitcoin Amid CV19

With global governments printing trillions of dollars, Euros, Yuan, and Yen to keep economies from going illiquid, I thought now would be a good time to check on Bitcoin. Longtime readers will recall I took a ‘hobby stake’ in Bitcoin back in early 2017 to test my thesis that cryptocurrencies have a role as a more reliable ’store of value’ than government-managed currencies. I have … Continue reading Bitcoin Amid CV19

Libra: A Big Step For Cryptos?

I have written in the past about my interest in cryptocurrencies and their potential to be a more sound store of value than government currency. Recent geopolitical economic instability (tariffs, currency devaluation, Brexit) has resulted in BitCoin prices surging. BC has broken the $9K per coin mark in the last couple months – more than double what I paid when I jumped in with a … Continue reading Libra: A Big Step For Cryptos?

Bitcoin – Has It Dissolved Yet?

With the New Year underway, I thought it would be a good time to give an update on our (very) small Bitcoin investment that I have written about several times. Reading the headlines, you would assume that the bottom has fallen out of the cryptocurrency market. Like many things, that is a matter of perspective. Each morning, I get a notification on my iPhone signaling … Continue reading Bitcoin – Has It Dissolved Yet?

Top 7 FIRE News Stories of 2017

At the end of the year, the media is full of retrospectives on the top news events and celebrity stories, so with that in mind, I set my thoughts to what are the biggest news happenings that have affected people on their journey to financial independence and retiring early (FIRE) in 2017. Here’s my list (in no particular order) … TRUMP BUMP – The stock … Continue reading Top 7 FIRE News Stories of 2017

Cryptocurrency Update – Still Growing

A few months ago I wrote about cryptocurrencies – like Bitcoin – and shared my son’s experience with it. You’ll perhaps recall he turned $65 into almost $700 in the first five months of the year. That was enough for him to buy an Apple iPad as he headed back to college and bank a few hundred extra. Like many readers who think of cryptocurrency … Continue reading Cryptocurrency Update – Still Growing

Cryptocurrency – Fad or Future?

I have commented before that Mr. FireStation is a pretty boring investor.  My belief has always been that slow & steady wins the race. Our son, however, has delved into the mysterious world of cryptocurrency, which if you are not familiar with it, perhaps sounds like something only Superman would use.  Beginning in January, when we were vacationing in Mexico, our 19 year old son … Continue reading Cryptocurrency – Fad or Future?