Early Retirement Fun – #HowIQuit on Jimmy Fallon

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Earlier this year, Jimmy Fallon issued a hashtag challenge on Twitter for people to “Tweet out a funny, weird, or embarrassing way you quit a job and tag with #HowIQuit“. About a eight of them were featured on the show that night (link to video here). Since dozens more were tweeted out, I thought I would share the Top 50 I read online …

  • One Mon morning my co-worker was a no-call no-show. He sent an email that simply said “Today I am retired”
  • Told my boss, “I’m quitting to pursue my dream of not working here.”
  • My last day on the job I gave my manager a copy of the movie, “Two Weeks Notice”
  • Made my bosses & coworkers goodie bags full of candy. Then told them I was quitting.

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