Up, Up And Insured

Insurance is one of the things I certainly hate paying for. Health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, and car insurance are all necessary to a degree, but it’s hard to pay for something you only use in a catastrophe. We’ve gradually dialed back our insurance coverage for things we can ‘self-insure’ the risk of. We have the highest health insurance deductible we’ve ever had and … Continue reading Up, Up And Insured

Umbrella Coverage – Protect Your Nest Egg

It’s finally looking like Spring in Minnesota, although we haven’t had any rain yet. Folks on a journey to FIRE know to set aside money for a rainy day, but the great majority of people do not carry a big enough umbrella insurance. That is, an umbrella policy that pays for liability judgements above the limits of your existing auto & home insurance policies. Umbrella … Continue reading Umbrella Coverage – Protect Your Nest Egg

Health Insurance for Early Retirement

   Health insurance is a big, incremental expense for people hoping to retire early from corporate life.  Understanding our options and the costs has been an important focus for us as we’ve plotted our upcoming FIRE escape on 4/1/16.   (Please note that the following is our understanding of healthcare insurance options, and that we are not experts in this topic.  Please consult an insurance … Continue reading Health Insurance for Early Retirement

Thrifty Thursday – Life Insurance Independence

When I first got married, my oldest brother gave me the advice to “over insure” yourself. It doesn’t cost that much and makes sure you have a good night’s sleep knowing that if you don’t wake up, no one has been left in a vulnerable place. Since I’m the key breadwinner in our family, I’ve always taken that advice seriously – but no longer. Two … Continue reading Thrifty Thursday – Life Insurance Independence