FIRE Milestones – “What Are You Going To Do?”

I gave my formal notice for early retirement from MegaCorp to my boss last month.  Everything went great and I thank everyone for all your well wishes.  I will post next week about how it all happened – and how we celebrated that night.  In the meanwhile … I’ll answer the question everyone is asking … When you announce your early retirement, EVERYBODY wants to … Continue reading FIRE Milestones – “What Are You Going To Do?”

Early Retirement – “Miss” & “Won’t Miss” Lists

I’ve got more than 4 months to go, but I thought I would share the two lists I’ve started about the things I will and won’t miss about working.  So far, I have more on the “won’t miss” list, but I think you will see that they things on the “will miss” list are pretty rich and meaningful: WON’T MISS: Monthly budget meetings / sales … Continue reading Early Retirement – “Miss” & “Won’t Miss” Lists