Does It Really Pay To Be Frugal For Coffee/Lunch?

Our son is working at a software development company this summer. It’s his first professional job and he has one more year of college before he is finished with his computer science degree. We took him out for dinner last night and asked him what he was doing for lunch each day. He said most people in his group go out for lunch every day, … Continue reading Does It Really Pay To Be Frugal For Coffee/Lunch?

The Price of Work – Everyday Expenses


Early retirees talk about the pleasure & independence that comes with walking away from the workplace and living their lives to the fullest.  At the same time, they also talk about the shift in mindset that comes from no longer actively accumulating their savings, but continuing to actively spend it.

One opportunity to spend less comes from the costs that are solely work-related.  For me those expenses fall in two key categories: lunches at work and dry cleaning bills.  I recently went on, where I track our spending to see how much these expenses add up to annually.   Continue reading “The Price of Work – Everyday Expenses”