New Year’s Assessment

I complained a lot about the economy in 2021.  I didn’t like the trillions in debt-driven government spending and the ensuing inflation.  Still, I acknowledged that the markets continued to rise – as the ‘Trump Bump’ became the ‘Biden Bump’. Yesterday, I tallied up how we finished the year with our portfolio.  Our retirement savings were up an impressive +15%.  Our gains were led by … Continue reading New Year’s Assessment

Early 2019 Bounce In The Market

At MegaCorp, I worked with a Finance Director who use to quip that “good numbers make good meetings”.  He was right – when sales and profits are up, meetings and decisions come easy.  It’s a good time! While we have always been long-term investors, the living is easy when the market and our portfolio are growing as well.  While we are only two months into … Continue reading Early 2019 Bounce In The Market

Second FIRE Anniversary – Financial Tracking Update

I got an email from a friend from high school recently asking how our early retirement financials are holding up since it has been two years since our FIRE escape.  He wanted to know if we were trending over or under our projections.  Stated another way, he said “I want to know if I can retire!”  🙂 After reading his note, I realized that I … Continue reading Second FIRE Anniversary – Financial Tracking Update