Work Stress & Health – By The Numbers

For the last 6 years I worked at the MegaCorp I officially early retired from, I was a Corporate Officer and had the benefit of getting Executive Health benefits.  Since we live in Minnesota, that meant I could go to the Mayo Clinic or a similar program (I usually went to one closer to the office) and be put through a full-day physical once per … Continue reading Work Stress & Health – By The Numbers

Change Stress & Early Retirement

AW2528_StressResponse_RM (1)

Will early retirement be a stressful life event?

Sure enough, the website has a list of stressful life events shows retirement in the top ten causes of negative life stress (see above).  It’s not on the top of the list, but it is interesting to see it rated at about the same score as losing your job (getting married is the only other positive on the list).  

Where’s the joy in one’s new found freedom?? Continue reading “Change Stress & Early Retirement”