Crazy Bricks

Financially, when does spending on a hobby become crazy? I have a number of hobbies that come with very different price tags. We have a sports car – that’s expensive in annual depreciation, insurance, and repairs. We like to travel, but flights, hotels, and sightseeing also add up quickly. Activities? Softball costs money, curling costs money, and the tennis club costs money in the winter. … Continue reading Crazy Bricks

25 Days of Christmas – Vintage Ad Countdown

I worked in brand marketing during my career and have an affinity for old print advertising.  On my personal Facebook feed, I spent the last 25 days countdowning to Christmas with vintage ad each day of the month.  The illustrations and products really give a fun glimpsed into Christmas Past. Collecting and posting these ads might seem like kind of a funny thing to spend … Continue reading 25 Days of Christmas – Vintage Ad Countdown