Extra Spending For ‘Go-Go’ Years

Kiplinger’s recent published an article that is getting a lot of buzz about their description of three different phases of retirement. They are proposing that retirees plan on spending more early – during your ‘Go-Go Years’ – versus later in retirement, when your energy & desire to be very active may decline. Calling the later two stages ‘Slow-Go’ and ‘Won’t-Go’, they propose people plan to … Continue reading Extra Spending For ‘Go-Go’ Years

Financial Tracking, Asset Allocation & Withdrawal Rate(s)

This is the post that I haven’t had much interest in writing, but one that quite a few people have asked about.  If you look at early retirement forums and financial planning sites, everyone seems to love to talk about portfolio tracking, asset allocation, and withdrawal rates.  More than anything, people are concerned about running out of money in retirement and so they are searching … Continue reading Financial Tracking, Asset Allocation & Withdrawal Rate(s)