FIRE Announcement – A Conversation I Look Forward To

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As I’ve written before, I have been fortunate to have a great career that has made saving for FIRE easier than many. Not that I didn’t still work very hard and make strategic choices along the way.

One company move I made at age 46, basically made my DW & I financially independent (reached FI) within a year of taking it. I’ve now been at the new Megacorp for a few years now, keeping busy and enjoying the knowledge that I don’t really have to work.

Not surprisingly, my boss who is in his late 50s (and is planning his retirement). doesn’t seem to recognize my situation. I’ve shared with him that I’ve saved well and work because I enjoy it, but he doesn’t have any idea I plan on retiring in early 2016.

Married, but without kids, he is certainly a “company man” who finds great purpose in the time and contributions he has made to the faithful Megacorp over 35+ years and I don’t think he’s done all he wants before he takes the leap.

As a result, I keep thinking about how entertaining it will be to step into his office in less than 15 months to let him know I’m retiring before him. In addition to a luxurious nest egg, I’ll have an extra 10 years of youth to start spending it in.

It will be a conversation I will relish and look forward to now. Do you think he be happy for me, completely confused, slightly jealous, or something else? He is a smart guy and strives to be gracious – yet, I think he will be a bit shocked by the differences in our values.

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