Starting an LLC for Early Retirement

I just got the paperwork back on the Limited Liability Company (LLC) I am setting up.  I’ll admit I don’t really know what I am doing, but I’m hopeful that it will be a useful structure to operate some limited, freelance, business activities in early retirement.  It’s also a signal to myself that I’m getting serious about actually leaving MegaCorp next April 1st.

My thought was that it would be good to have a business structure to allow me to make money as an independent contractor if the opportunities presented themselves in early retirement. I recently signed on for a three year term to be an outside director for the board of a manufacturing company, and while it is only a handful of work days over the course of the year, there is some income & expenses involved with the role.   Why not be prepared for other (limited) consulting roles that people may approach me with?  Continue reading “Starting an LLC for Early Retirement”

Biking Into Early Retirement

2015-07-26 17.51.33

I did something last weekend I haven’t done in almost 25 years – I bought a new bike.  I got my last one right after I got married (almost 25 years ago) and although I haven’t put a ton of wear and tear on it, it just felt like a new one would make some sense right now.

We were going for a family bike ride downtown to see fireworks with friends of ours originally from Europe.  They love to go on bike rides.  I was getting all three of our family bikes ready and I noticed that my son’s mountain bike Continue reading “Biking Into Early Retirement”

Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 8 Month Countdown

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 5.56.59 PM

Mr. FireStation had a productive month at the office in July, but is now just 8 months from his planned early retirement on April 1, 2016.  While June was largely consumed by a preparing for and enjoying a two week family vacation, July was all about work and making some post-work plans.

Our nest egg was quite secure through July with year-to-date results continuing to grow.  The three numbers I follow are: 1) the SP500, which is up +2%; 2) the International EFEA Index, which is up +6%; and 3) my former MegaCorp stock, which is up +9%.  With all three numbers up (and stock option leverage on MegaCorp), I am quite satisfied with how 2015 is shaping up and no big concerns have emerged.  At the same time, we protected about 25% of our nest egg in cash & bonds (our bond fund is -1% for the year).  All together, I think our portfolio is up +7% for the year.  That’s about +2 pts better than the end of June. Continue reading “Early Retirement FIRE Escape – 8 Month Countdown”