FIRE Station Fun – Plan On It

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I am less than two weeks from turning in my formal notice at MegaCorp and doing my best to savor the elements of my work that have been my focus for the last 26+ years.  One observation I am having is how much personal commitment companies pull out of their best employees.  People get very engaged in MegaCorp’s priorities, problems and needs – sometimes at the expense of their own personal priorities, problems and needs.

Even folks that struggle to get their initiatives prioritized & resources in the MegaCorp strategic plan will work very hard and fight with a passion to drive MegaCorp’s success.  (Beyond just protecting their own job).

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post on what I will & won’t miss about corporate life.  I think it is relevant to this notion.  Much of the energy and activities we expend day in & day out are about the plans MegaCorp has for us, and don’t leave room for the plans we have for ourselves.

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7 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Plan On It

  1. Congratulations! This is so exciting! 🙂 And you are so right–people really do take business personally. How much we agree with or disagree with what’s happening in MegaCorp really doesn’t matter, so I’m not sure why so many align their own self-worth with corporate policies and procedures.

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    1. I paid less attention to that early in my career, then I do now. The funny thing is, it doesn’t seem to impact my career progression. Keep that in mind as words of wisdom from an old retired guy to you.

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