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It’s quite cold here in the northern USA with the temperature dropping below zero every night this week.  Makes you wish for some fun in the sun – which we have planned in March.  One of the worst parts of working is rationing your vacation days and squeezing your leisure time between work events and the school schedule.

Here’s my post on what I’m looking forward to for VACATION TIME in early retirement … “Goodbye MegaCorp Vacation Policies”.

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12 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Vacation Plans

      1. It’s hard to come BACK to the cold, isn’t it? I think the best time to ‘getaway’ is early March. Then you feel like you are really leaving Winter and coming home to Spring.

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  1. We just returned from 10 days in the southern Caribbean! Blog posts on Encore Wanderings to come. But the important thing here is that it was the first time EVER that hubs had taken 2 consecutive weeks off since he was 16 years old! So yeah, not having to work around the corporate vacation schedule is pretty much the Best. Thing. Ever!!! Hold on, dude, it’s coming!!!

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