FIRE Station Fun – The Speed Of Life

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One’s relationship with time changes pretty fundamentally once you retire.  I wrote about how my concept of time was changing as soon as a week after early retiring, but it continues to evolve as I approach 125 days since I left work.

While I certainly feel like I am as busy – even BUSIER – than ever, I know that almost everything I do now is optional.  I’m not required to attend meetings, be at a conference, or get MegaCorp administrivia filed by a deadline.  This means that while I stay busy, life has slowed down IMMENSELY.

Enjoy your weekend!

6 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – The Speed Of Life

    1. I check the clock much less since I early retired since I don’t have meetings to go to (and stopped wearing my watch)!


  1. It really is a gripe of mine that being “busy” somehow validates ones existence, as though your life is important, meaningful and successful because “oh my gosh I’m just so busy!!”.

    I believe the definition of “success” in life is when you can choose your level of “busy”, like you said it’s optional – and that’s how it should be when you’ve reached financial security.. People are way too fixated on speeding up as the marker for success, I don’t know about other people but the opportunity to slow down will definitely be taken as the marker for successfully reaching our FIRE.



    1. Great comment. I think “being busy” has become a bit of a mistaken virtue. There are so MANY things we can do, people believe they have to try to “do it all” to measure up. That’s not for me.

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