FIRE Station Fun – Weekend Work


The movie Office Space features the indignation of employees being coerced into working weekends in servitude to their MegaCorp.  A recent Washington Post article suggests that about a third of American office workers do some work on weekends.  That is the highest among developed countries in the study.  

When I was working, I certainly put in some weekend hours now and then, but did a pretty good job keeping it to a minimum.  Weekends are for relaxing and spending time with family & friends.  Even in early retirement, weekends are a special time of the week and worth protecting from “workweek creep.”  Have a great weekend and don’t work to hard!

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11 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Weekend Work

  1. Ha, I love the pic. That’s my motto this weekend… But maybe not next… Unfortunately I’m part of the third of all Americans that work on weekends. Part of the struggle with work but there’s benefits that come with it.

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    1. I do have a friend that owns a retail store that works most weekends, but takes two days off during the week as her ‘weekend’. Makes sense because that’s when they are busy.


  2. I believe you have my stapler. I use to work a position where I was on call 24/7 – 365. Never again will I trade that much of my time for any amount of money. Happy Friday!


  3. I am taking today off. Yeah!
    I sent a few work emails at 6.30 this morning. Not so yeah….
    That is all though, back to a long weekend in the mountains now. Another test drive of our future life.

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    1. Enjoy! … Now try not to check your smartphone for work emails this weekend. Maybe there is no cell tower coverage in the mountains?


  4. I’m slated to work about 10 hours this weekend, but that’s par for the course since I chose to adopt a side hustle in real estate. I do carve out some work free times during the weekend – I’m enjoying one of those periods right now.

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    1. Real Estate can be a great side hustle, but that means you need to be working when others are free. At least it’s a side hustle – you get the benefit of your extra efforts!


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