FIRE Station Fun – Office Party

How does your office holiday party stack up?  Does your company do it up big, or is senior management preaching belt tightening and concerned about the optics.  

I have to say that my last MegaCorp’s office party was a bit of an embarrassment.  In last year’s post on this topic, I compared our year end holiday employee event with data from a study of holiday office parties across the country.  While no one needs to do it up like Mad Men, I think the holiday office party is a is a real opportunity for the boss to send off employees at the end of the year with genuine gratitude and respect for the work they do.  

Last year, I hosted more than 50 employees from my team for a holiday party at my house one December Friday afternoon (at my expense).  Catered trays, shrimp, and alcohol – along with an ugly holiday sweater contest.  Good fun.  Well worth the expense.  Hard to believe that I could afford to treat my team more easily than a company with tens of billions in sales each year, but I guess we have different priorities.  

Tonight we had a terrific Holiday social at one of the non-profits for which I serve on the Board.  It was a very elegant affair in a downtown high rise with wine & hors douvres.  The cost was covered by one of the Board Trustees, who like me last year, enjoyed doing it as much as others enjoyed attending.  I think the connections and conversations that happen at these kinds of events are hugely valuable and pay dividends throughout the year. 

What does your organization do for s holiday office party?

3 thoughts on “FIRE Station Fun – Office Party

    1. Yes – Like you, I am not a fan of parties that take place outside of work hours. There is no reason for that at most offices.


  1. My office party is very simple since I’m a one man show!

    It’s not too crowded, costs are low, and I find all the guests to be extremely attractive and intelligent. πŸ™‚

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