15 Retirement Hobbies That Scream ‘Rich People’

On Reddit recently, there was a post in the Financial Independence thread that asked Redditors what retirement “hobbies scream rich people?” That is, what activities signal that someone has a surplus of both time and money? I thought it was an interesting question and relevant to share because I noticed that a lot of the hobbies can be enjoyed by many people at a variety of price points. 

Here is the aggregated list – in the order that Redditors ‘upvoted’ the responses. 

  1. Country Club / Golf Club Memberships
  2. Real Estate Investing
  3. Sports Cars / Motorsports Hobby
  4. Horse Breeding / Stables / Polo
  5. Vintage Car Collecting / Restoration
  6. Adventure / Social Service Tourism
  7. Sailing / Yachting
  8. Angel Investing
  9. Performing Arts Boards
  10. Climbing / International Summits
  11. Beach House / ‘Summering’
  12. Collecting Art
  13. Private Aircraft / Pilot
  14. Family Philanthropy / Foundation
  15. (Day Drinking / Drugs). 😉

Assuming that ‘Rich People’ have the time and money to get involved in whatever activities they want, I’d look at this list as a great source of inspiration for ideas of things to get involved in retirement.  Regardless of the size of your retirement nest egg, anyone could get involved in many of these activities – at different price points. 

What might you add to the list?  What are more affordable ways to ‘twist’ some of these activities?

Image Credit: Pixabay

12 thoughts on “15 Retirement Hobbies That Scream ‘Rich People’

    1. Yes – collecting expensive watches is a hobby of an old boss of mine. I worked with an ad agency once that also represented a fancy watch brand. My agency friend said they are called ‘Heirloom watches’ in the industry and expected to be passed from generation to generation.

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  1. Real estate investing might have made someone rich so odd it’s a sign of being rich. The golf club example definitely has a way around. One of my uncles part time caddies in exchange for free golfing. I’m sure there are many other ways around

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    1. It is easier and easier to find deals on golf since demand is down. Millennials don’t seem to like golf too much.


  2. Oh my, I’m into four of those but they easily fit into my budget. I’d add adult tennis teams, off shore tuna fishing, chairing college boards, skiing in August in South America and having more cars than people, at least for me.

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    1. Having more cars than people describes us! (We have a sports car/convertible that is going into wi tee storage). I also just joined a tennis club – but it’s pretty affordable ($90/year + court time).


  3. I would add skiing. However, it does not have to be crazy expensive. Just like golf, boating. Only expensive if you ski vacation in Vail, Aspen twice a year.

    Fun read, Mr. FS.

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    1. Skiing is definitely an expensive hobby. Like a beach house, it ‘screams rich’ to have a ski condo in Colorado or another winter resort area!

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  4. We have an 81 Corvette and a 1935 Pontiac that smokes up the whole neighborhood…Guess we’re “rich!” And I golf, and some of the stuff I collect I guess could be considered “art.” Fun post! Thanks ~ Lynn

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    1. Sounds like you have it all figured out! I had to look up 1935 Pontiac online to see what that era looked like. Very cool!


  5. definitely there was not too many ladies there because I would vote something like:
    MASSAGE daily 🙂

    But looking to your top, I am not rich but already doing some of these (ok, basic level) and I think everyone can find his way.

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