Holiday Book Suggestions for FIRE Enthusiasts

It’s just a couple weeks to Christmas, so I thought I would send out a quick link to reviews I previously wrote on helpful personal finance books.

If you know someone interested in FIRE (financial independence & retiring early), I highly recommend any of these books:

These are all books that I find myself going back to time & time again.

The links take you to posts that tell you more about each book. They are NOT links to Amazon for affiliate sales. I simply find them worthwhile reads you or someone else might enjoy.

I also like Your Money Or Your Life, by Vicki Robin & Joe Domingues – but haven’t written up a post about that one yet.

Any additional books you would suggest?

Image Credit: Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Holiday Book Suggestions for FIRE Enthusiasts

  1. Currently reading Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and their Worst Investments by Michael Batnick.

    It’s very interesting to see how even the big names have come a cropper….

    In a weird way, this book has been helping me overcome some of my current investment dilemmas – if the experts can’t always get it right, I don’t have to aim for 100% certainty. Balance of probabilities will do nicely….

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    1. Interesting approach to explaining investments. I heard someone once say it is better to be generally right, than exactly wrong.

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