New Year’s Eve – Top Articles 2018

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Since it’s the very last day of 2018, I thought I would simply recap the top articles in terms of readership that were posted here this year.  It’s amazing to see the thousands and thousands of visitors coming to the site every month and not be thankful that the unusual lifestyle decisions that we have made for ourselves are now encouraging others to follow a similar, independent path to planning their lives.

Far and away the biggest post from in 2018 was this article on health insurance as the biggest concern for early retirees.  It led to my interview with Kiplinger’s and I was happy to write a more positive follow-up to it in November, when we got our 2019 insurance rates and they showed a cost savings for the same coverage next year.

I don’t write a lot of comedic bits on this site, but I couldn’t help but relate the story of what happened when I drove up at my old MegaCorp this summer.  I queried other early retirees for the funniest reactions they’ve gotten to their FIRE lifestyle, too.

Anniversary posts are good times to share how things seem to be turning out versus expectations and get a lot of readers. My post on ‘Living in Kidulthood’ was my best attempt yet at describing how different life has become for us, and it struck a chord with a lot of readers.  I also updated the activities that keep us busy in different dimensions of the ‘Life Wheel’ I created before retiring.  Both of these posts (Part ONE and Part TWO) were among the most read posts of this year.

The last two posts that really received a lot of attention in 2018 were articles that help people benchmark how they are doing on their FIRE journey.  The first of these looked at how the average age of retirement has changed over time in the US.  The other offered dates of individual personal finance milestones that people can compare themselves to. 

For some reason, this last article received hundreds of readers & quite a few curious comments from people living in the nation of Turkey.  I’ve been to Turkey and it’s a beautiful place, but I’m not sure how the article suddenly got so much traction there!  While most readers come from the United States, Canada, the UK, or other English-speaking countries, I continue to be amazed to see that the site has been visited by at least 50 people in over 100 countries this year!  Amazing.

H  A  P  P  Y    N  E  W    Y  E  A  R    2  0  1  9  !

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