Museum Quality Car Time

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One of the highlights of our trip to Europe this month is our stop at the BMW Museum in Munich.  Since I early retired, I spend more and more time goofing off with cars and I love seeing the shiny steel, chrome, & rubber on display at a place like this.  Even the historic cars are kept in pristine condition.

At home, our own cars are in better shape than ever before, too.  They get washed more, vacumned out more, and better kept up than ever.  When I was an executive at MegaCorp, we actually had a garage attendant who would wash & fuel the car up for us 2x a week.  Still, I probably keep our cars much neater now than we did then.  It’s a fun thing to waste time on.

It’s not just cars.  It seems that in early retirement, I’ve gotten every aspect of my life in better shape.  I’m fitter personally – having lost weight, increased strength, and logged over 4.5 million steps a year.  Our house is in better shape, too.  It’s still pretty new, but we’ve spent the last few years with builders, painters, arborists, handymen, and other specialists improving things.

It’s a nice feeling to have the time to keep everything in top shape.

What aspects of your life have you / or will you want to better maintain in early retirement? 

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2 thoughts on “Museum Quality Car Time

  1. Funny Eric, I just read your post while sitting in the BMW museum in Munich! I figured you’d probably been here already. Very fun outing especially for my son who loves BMW’s. Prost!

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    1. Wow – that is so amazing! We just left France this morning and are pulling into Switzerland we will be here for a few days and then heading up to Munich for Oktoberfest. Will you be there next week Monday/Tuesday?


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