Walking The World

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As we got ready for vacation this month, I ordered a new pair of walking shoes.  As many readers know, I try to walk or run at least 12,000 steps a day and have averaged more than that number since I retired about three and a half years ago.  That’s about 4.5 million steps a year and quite a few pairs of shoes!

Vacation days are usually relatively high step count days, but not always.  Since I track (on my phone) how many steps I have every day, I averaged out how many steps I’ve taken on the bigger trips we’ve taken over the last few years.

I’m amazed at how different each of the trips are:

  • 19.5K – Tokyo/Kyoto, 2016
  • 18.5K – Walt Disney World, 2016
  • 16.8K – Chicago, 2017
  • 15.5K – Los Angeles, 2019
  • 15.1K – New Orleans / Cruise, 2019
  • 14.7K – Miami / Cruise, 2018
  • 12.0K – Cabo San Lucas, 2017
  • 10.7K – Holy Land/Petra, 2018
  • 10.7K – England/Scotland
  • 9.4K – Tennessee/NC, 2017
  • 8.4K – San Fran/Wine Country, 2016
  • 6.7K – Door County WI, 2016

(Our daily record is 35K steps this past July at Disneyland in California!)

This year’s trip will probably be in the middle of these trips as far as walking goes.  While we’ll walk a lot through European Cities, we have also had a number of driving days and stops in smaller cities where less walking happened.

I’m sure my new shoes will be well-worn by the time we get back!

What’s the most walking that you have ever done on a trip?

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3 thoughts on “Walking The World

    1. Vancouver is certainly on our list. We were supposed to go there once, but a big storm blew in and we switched our hotels and stayed in Seattle. Beautiful walks?


      1. Vancouver has great walks. We were there for three days before a short cruise back to LA. My wife was suffering due to the damp weather so I powered out the steps. If we knew that she would be so uncomfortable, I would have been better with planning my walks.
        Stanley Park has excellent bike and walking trails, but I spent my time walking along the shore of the south side of Vancouver including a ferry ride to Granville Island. The shore has excellent bike and walking paths with good sights of boating activity.

        When the TSA ramped up security a few years ago we made it a point to arrive at airports well in advance of our flights to enjoy a meal or a drink. All travel stress disappeared. We do the same if taking a tour or a cruise in a distant city. We arrive a few days prior to get the lay of the land and get acclimated, jet lag prior to joining a tour or cruise. We have done so in Paris, Vancouver, and New York. Travel should be relaxing and building in adjustment days helps a lot. It also allows for energetic people to get out on their own and explore


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