Not Monday – Two Cup Tuesday


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Everyone knows that Friday is the BEST day of the work week, but I have always contended that Tuesday – not Monday – is the worst.  My son seems to be starting to agree with me because while he limits himself to only one cup of coffee a day, on Tuesday, it’s ‘Two Cup Tuesday’.

I drink coffee, but seems a perfect day for an extra shot of caffeine to me.  While Monday get’s the most complaints – by a wide margin – I have always thought that Tuesday is a stealthy villain.  Here’s my thinking:

  • Monday – As the first day of the workweek, Monday has a certain novelty.  You are still likely caught up in the excitement of some things you did over the weekend, you can share stories with coworkers, and you have 4 more days ahead of you to be very productive.
  • Wednesday – In the middle of the week is your classic ‘hump day’ moment.  You’ve probably gotten some things done already and have a few checks on your list.  I used to think of Wednesday afternoon as ‘get it done time’ and really make a concentrated push to make progress on the week’s projects.
  • Thursday – I always had a rule that Thursday noon was a good time to start talking about what you plan to do that weekend.  The Thursday morning newspaper usually highlights weekend events and gets you planning.  Friday’s not always a full-day for all employees, so you can even go out on Thursday night and start your fun.

So that leaves us with Tuesday – the worst day of the week …

  • By Tuesday, the novelty of being back at work on Monday has definitely worn off.  You were at work yesterday, you are at work today, you will be at work for three more days.  You are re-familiarized with the challenges at work that need to be conquered this week, but you haven’t had the time to dig into them much.  The weekend before and the weekend after Tuesday BOTH feel far away at this point.  There is no point thinking about anything but work work work on a Tuesday.

Go ahead … get a second cup of coffee.  🙂

Anyone else have any day of the work week preferences?

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