Corporate Apparel

Awhile ago, I wrote an article and did a survey looking at the value of corporate perks one gives up when heading into retirement. People mentioned expense accounts, sports tickets, fitness club memberships, and other things.

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One thing that didn’t get mentioned was ‘corporate apparel’. You know, those MegaCorp branded shirts & gear they often hand out this time of year?

It seemed as if at one time, I had a whole closet full of corporate & brand t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets. I could go from summer to winter wearing MegaCorp golf shirts and cold weather gear. One brand I served as VP for did a 3 year deal with ESPN Winter X-Games, which included a giant branded duffel bag of Columbia ski gear (jackets, snow pants, fleece, gloves, hats, etc). That was quite a haul of top-notch stuff I still put to use here in Minnesota!

In addition to apparel, I have coolers, folding camp chairs, backpacks, cookie jars, and lots of golf balls. Not all of the stuff is top quality, but if I’ve kept it, it’s because it’s useful when I need it.

I hadn’t even thought about how much MegaCorp branded apparel I have until recently I was given a nice Patagonia zip-up rain jacket at a board meeting for SmallCorp. It was the first article of corporate wear I had gotten in some time!

How crowded are your closets with corporate gear?

Image Credit: Pixabay

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