Who Are You?

Some folks that are retired find it helpful to get ‘business’ cards printed up with their name, address, phone number, and email address. A retired friend recently gave me his.

I wasn’t even a big fan of handing out business cards when I was at MegaCorp, so I would have never thought having them when you are not working was a ‘thing’.

People say they are handy if you meet someone new, especially among folks that travel a lot or have multiple addresses (vacation home). Some folks said boaters also use them to share contact info with other boaters.

Many like to have them just so they can put funny job titles on them to represent their retired life, like “Happily Retired Good-Off”. Here are some of the funniest ones that people listed recently in an online forum:

“Professor, Leisure & Recreation Studies”

“Founder & Lounger, Leisure Institute”

“Tired & Retired”

“Bespoke Adventures Planner”

“Stand Up Philosopher”

“Professional Slacker”

“Investor Gambler (same thing)”

“Private Portfolio Manager”

“Explorer, Photographer, Woodworker, Mapmaker”

“Grand Potentate of Curmudgeonry & Trivial Pursuits”

While they are cute to read, I don’t have any real need or interest in spending any amount of money on cards. I appreciate the humor, but why bother?

What clever title would you give yourself in retirement?

Image Credit: Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Hope you had a nice Easter! I continue to enjoy reading your blog posts!

    My business card would list my title as “Retired and Resourceful”. Being an engineer, I like the idea of solving a problem in a creative way which is one definition of the word “resourceful”.

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    1. I’ve joked about being “self-unemployed” before, but adding “gainfully” gives it a positive twist. Terrific!


  2. I see these often from retired folk I know and meet. I was just thinking, what if you create your own “FIRE chief” card and put the image on your phone, in photos and instead of paper, could have someone take a picture of your phone screen. A picture is worth a thousand words…
    Oh, you could have different “personal cards” on your phone so you share the best one for their photo.


  3. “I wasn’t even a big fan of handing out business cars when I was at MegaCorp”

    I think you mean business car”d”s but I would take a business car if you are handing them out.

    A great title who be something that will not make people solicit you for work… unless you want them to.

    Adventurer in Charge, Chief Troublemaker

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    1. Oops – I’ll fix that! A title that can put off people soliciting you for work is a good idea. I usually say “I’m retired. It’s your turn to run the world now.” 🙂


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