Yes, We Have The Time, Will We Use It Productively?

“I wish I had the time” has become an ironic phrase for so many folks now stuck at home during the coronavirus crisis. Suddenly, there is time to get after all of the projects you never had time for … but will we?

Perhaps Anna Kendrick has it right …

We’ve gotten some projects done at home in the last month, but there is a lot more work that we could be doing right now. Decluttering the basement, organizing old photos, power-washing out the garage, and ordering new tires for the car are all on the list.

I actually have a Post-It note at my desk reminding me to send some old Apple II word processor files on a floppy disk to a company that converts them to Microsoft Word. I’ve had that Post-It note at my desk for 4 years since I retired from MegaCorp, but yet I’ve never found the time to do it.

Instead of clearing up the list of household projects, we’ve been taking walks, binging ‘Tiger King’, finishing a big puzzle, reading books, building a big LEGO set, watching old James Bond movies, and driving ‘nonessentially’ in our sports car.

It’s hard to believe that during a ‘global pandemic lockdown’ we still procrastinate and don’t get to the the projects that we keep saying we will finally get to. If not now, when? What’s the old Joe Walsh line, “they say I’m lazy, but it takes all my time”?

How productive have you been over the last month? Anyone clean sweep their top-do list yet?

Image Credit: Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Yes, We Have The Time, Will We Use It Productively?

  1. I’ve been getting things done, but probably not at the rate I should be with even more time available now. Need to re-focus and push a little more or at some point will look back regretting not taking more advantage of this opportunity. Hard to cut back on reading/ commenting on finance articles/ blogs all morning while drinking your coffee 🙂

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    1. Yeah – I need to set a goal of getting one productive project done a day. That would be a nice list of at least a few dozen accomplishments when this is all over. Putting together a puzzle doesn’t count!


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