Small Wedding Sensibility?

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June is typically the month of weddings, but the CV-19 pandemic has largely eliminated the big, traditional wedding.  We were planning on attending a couple weddings this summer, but they have both been converted to small, family-only affairs.  Such is 2020.

Perhaps it is all for the best when it comes to the cost of hosting a big wedding.  The analysis I did a few years ago, suggested it probably requires an extra ~2.5 years of work to pay for the cost of a traditional wedding when the time-value of money is considered.

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Recently I ran across another fact to support spending less – not more – on a one’s nuptials.  Two economists published a study titled “A Diamond is Forever and other Fairy Tales” which found that there is an inverse relationship between wedding expenses and marriage duration.

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Their research shows that wedding rings above $2K and wedding ceremonies above $20K are negatively correlated with marriage duration.  These luxuries were found to be 1.6x-2.0x more likely to be associated with marriages that ultimately fail.

Curiously, they found one wedding-related expense that was positively correlated with longer marriages – the honeymoon.  While rings and wedding ceremonies are correlated with shorter marriages, going on a honeymoon is “significantly associated with a lower hazard of divorce.”

It’s the first study I have ever seen on this subject, but perhaps the lesson is to skip the expensive ring & ceremony and start your lifetime together with a nice vacation!

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2 thoughts on “Small Wedding Sensibility?

  1. Interesting. My wife of 20 years and I went with a Justice of the Peace (free) and nice dinner out. She got a wedding dress (~$100) at the JC Penny outlet, and I got a suit (~$100). The restaurant was the only Michelin star in our community and dinner was just the two of us (<$200) and we did get photos taken in between. All together I think it all cost less than $500. Afterwards we used all my vacation time on 3 weeks in Australia. Now we hope we are approaching FIRE.

    We didn't realize we were following a formula for success.

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    1. It sounds like you both got an excellent return on your investment! Congratulations on 20 years!!


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