‘Administrivia’ of Life

It’s been a busy week since returning from Florida. The “administrivia” of life doesn’t stop because you go on vacation for 6 weeks.

For the first 3 days of the week, I ran around town, made a lot of stops, and completed numerous errands that had been waiting. I’m glad that I could do them all on a weekday when other folks are working …

⁃ Eye Appointment

⁃ Dentist Appointment

⁃ Pick Up New Prescriptions

⁃ Sort Mail; Pay & Mail Bills

⁃ Set Vaccine Appointment

⁃ Get Hair Cut

⁃ Sort Tax Paperwork

– Start 2021 Thirty Day Decluttering Challenge

⁃ DMV – New Driver’s License*

⁃ Bank – New ATM Cards*

The last two items were necessary because I lost my wallet on the way home from Florida. I’ve also had to cancel all my cards and apply for replacements.

Thankfully, unlike most Americans, I keep very little cash in my wallet. I probably had less than $5 in it.

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It’s no surprise that out of all of these, the stop at the DMV was by far the longest, My driver’s license was expiring soon, so I took the opportunity to get upgraded to a ‘REAL ID’ compliant license.

Still, I got my teeth cleaned and had x-rays taken at the dentist faster than it took to fill out a form and get my picture taken at the DMV. I especially had to laugh at the sign in the DMV parking lot (above). Has anyone ever spent less than 20 minutes waiting here? My wait was over 2 hours!

Have A Great Weekend!

8 thoughts on “‘Administrivia’ of Life

    1. No kidding! But it only takes about 5 minutes to order a new credit card on the phone or online compared with 2 hours at the DMV.


  1. Word of the day: Administrivia. Good one, Chief! As for your DMV wait, that’s a cakewalk compared to CT. My last renewal required waiting in endless lines for 5 hours. After the end, I discovered they made a mistake and did not issue Fed ID type. I could not bear to wait another 5 hours (they would not allow me to “skip line” even though error was the State’s, not mine).

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    1. Five hours?! That’s just ridiculous. Why has no politician run on just fixing the DMV? Their campaign would just need to be a Seinfeld bit. 😉


      1. Here in All-Deep-Blue CT, the politicians make the problem worse. Until 8 years ago, people who belong to AAA (like me) could just go there to renew license. State paid them a small fee to process (much less than CT was paying public DMV employees). The Governor demanded that all CT residents must be allowed to use AAA for licenses. AAA responded they are a company funded by its members, and do not have resources beyond that for general public. Governor replied: My way or the highway. AAA discontinued their service. So thousands of AAA members added further burdens to DMV, making the situation worse for everyone. Of course, the Governor was re-elected.

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      2. Wow – that’s politics. Situation worse for citizens, but more opportunities for government to consolidate power and hire more employees.

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  2. The DMV on University & Marion is a piece of cake. I’ve been there 3 times since November. Once to get my tabs, 45 minute wait, outside including. 2nd time to get replacement tabs as my quarantined brain seemed to have left town and I put the new stickers in the wrong place. 3rd time, had to get new plates and stickers due my license plates being stolen off the car, front and back — only one person ahead of me the 3rd time, so in and out pretty quickly. From what I hear, most folks go out to Woodbury when they have to go to the DMV because they don’t like the corner of University and Marion, too much crime. Really the DMV is just fine, it’s a very peaceful place with folks just doing their business. The hard part is simply getting there without being carjacked or mugged–this is why you get the 2 hour wait.

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    1. Yeah – I know that one. Not the best neighborhood to even park my SUV! ;-). I have a friend who lives near WA Frost and he’s had his car broken into 3x – including losing his plates. Crazy.


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