First Day at GigaCorp

Yesterday would have been my 33rd Anniversary of working, if I hadn’t pulled the plug on MegaCorp 6 years ago. I first worked downtown Minneapolis for The Pillsbury Company. Monday, August 14, 1989 is an important date that I will always remember.

Today, August 15th, my son is having a milestone date, too. He’s starting a new job with the second-largest company in the world, Amazon. This isn’t the start of his career – he’s been working for more than two years already after college – but a big jump forward.

He said today will be like the ‘first day of school’ as he joins such a huge company. If I worked for a MegaCorp, he now works for GigaCorp!

Likewise, his salary is much, much bigger than I could have ever imagined two years into my career. Even adjusted for inflation, he is making between 3x-4x what I was making then.

The good news is that his new job is based right here in downtown Minneapolis, where I first started. We are so excited he could be assigned to a role here instead of moving to Seattle! He went through the whole hiring process without knowing the location. But it worked out well.

Do you remember the date that you started your career? What other milestone career dates do you regularly recall?

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2 thoughts on “First Day at GigaCorp

  1. I remember October 30, 1996. On this day I started a new job which was my highest paying job ever, and my middle son was born. I had to leave the new employee training to go to the hospital to be with my wife. What made this job especially welcomed is that I had been laid off another not very good job about a month earlier.

    Your son must have a skills that Amazon needs, because they just shrunk their workforce by 100,000 and had announced a hiring freeze.

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    1. That sounds like very memorable day!
      Your son is about a year older than our son.
      He got the job offer in late June, just before they scaled back.
      Funny how that goes sometimes.

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