What’s Are You Collecting This Year?

As summer winds down, I’m also winding down two activities that have partly consumed my attentions for the last 3 months. On Tuesday, I collected my 75-mile State Park Hiking Club patch, and today I’m closing out my 25-beer Pub Pass.

Both have kept me pretty busy this summer. I hiked loops in about 6 state parks this summer and pedaled about 250+ miles to get my Pub Pass stamped. Combined, collecting my rewards kept me busy – with good friends – almost one day a week since June.

It seems like every retired person I know (and many who aren’t retired) are collecting experiences like these. For years, I’ve been collecting visits to MLB ballparks, all fifty US States, international countries, Frank Lloyd Wright houses & buildings, zoos, concerts, and waterfalls. I keep lists & photos of these ‘collections’, but mostly they just live in my memory.

What are you collecting this year?

Image Credit: (c) MrFireStation.com

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