Surprising Halloween Collectibles

As the days grow shorter, our neighborhood is starting to light up at night with Halloween decorations. I usually set up a few things about a week or 10 days before Halloween night.

My “decorations” are limited to some orange lights, flicker bulbs in our outdoor fixtures, and a few Halloween blow-molds like the ones above. I have these exact three. Each are about 3-feet high. I got them back in the 1990s and have used them every year.

Imagine my surprise when chatting with a friend about how valuable these have become. These three routinely sell for between $100-$200+ each on eBay. I think I probably paid only about $35 for them when they were new. Now they are worth about 3-6x that!

Mine are in good shape (still even have original boxes) and kept dust-free. The plastic is bright and the paint looks great. I’m not looking to sell them, but happy that the next generation seems to enjoy them as much as I do. In a world of big inflatable pumpkins & 12’ tall skeletons, I guess these are valued as “old school”.

What items do you have around the house that you were surprised to see had become sought-after collectibles?

Image Credit: eBay Listings

4 thoughts on “Surprising Halloween Collectibles

  1. My sons have some older video games that sell on eBay for around 4X what I paid for them. A rough calculation on the compound annual return for 4X the price over 18 years is (4^(1/18))-1*100 = 8%.

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    1. That’s a good return. I would think that video games would keep going higher. My blow molds appreciated at about 6% a year.


  2. My GI Joe lunchbox with in tact glass thermos with a Hot Wheels sticker circa 1970?, isn’t worth the effort to list. It is a good conversation piece

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    1. I was looking at old metal lunchboxes recently. Id love to get one like my old one, but I don’t really need another thing in a shelf! 😉


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