The Early Bird Gets The Turkey

We shopped early for our Thanksgiving Turkey this year. Our 20+ pound Butterball Premium has been safely ensconced in our freezer for almost a week now.

A friend of ours – who runs a big poultry business in Iowa – told us to grab one early as prices will be way up and selection way down due to the Avian Flu this year.

Sure enough, USA Today reports that the average price of Turkey is $1.99/pound this year – up 73% from last year’s $1.19/pound. I don’t need to tell you that my investments aren’t up 73% since last Thanksgiving!

This year’s average price is 4x what we paid in 2019: Turkey Economics

Our local Target store had very few of the big birds in-stock when we shopped last Sunday. If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner yourself, I’d grab a gobbler quickly, before you get stuck with what’s left.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? How much are you paying for your big bird?

Image Credit: Pixabay

6 thoughts on “The Early Bird Gets The Turkey

      1. Not sure, but all restaurants are up from last year including the pesky add on for “taking care of our staff”. I have no issue with restaurants paying a living wage and health benefits, but just raise the price rather than a surcharge

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      2. Agree – I prefer businesses that just price everything “all in”. Unless you are building a custom house or buying a car with certain options, there is little reason for companies to price things out into pieces other than to trick the consumer.


  1. My wife works one day per week as an RN, and her hospital has raised hourly rates to retain staff and this year they gave everyone a free turkey. Groceries in LA have specials on turkeys that are a loss leader to get people in the store. This year the price is $.79 per pound instead of $.49 last year.

    Where I noticed the avian flu impact is that Costco had no eggs yesterday evening. A worker told me that get restocked every morning and do not make it until closing.

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