Thankful Thanksgiving

We find ourselves thankful for so many things this year as the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend arrives and we get together with family & friends. Three years ago I was putting the final plans for our FIRE escape into place before early retiring. Our relatively free & independent lifestyle since then has been amazing. I was reading about the Mayflower Pilgrims and other early colonial … Continue reading Thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Freedom From MegaCorp Nonsense

My first year of working out of college came with a lesson in corporate culture.  It was the day before Thanksgiving 1989 and our Division VP told everyone to head out early that Wednesday at 3:00pm to beat rush hour and get an early start on the holiday. This was before the days of flextime, job-sharing, and any discussions of ‘work/home balance’.  Work was still … Continue reading Thanksgiving Freedom From MegaCorp Nonsense